iPhone Apps

Here are the apps I have on my iPhone.  I’ll put a brief description, and my personal rating out of 10 (if I feel like it).  So far these are all free, so I’ll probably start a second section below with paid apps, and then a final section to move programs I don’t keep.

  • AIM (9) – Instant message, very fun.  Sometimes it drops messages, but that is supposed to be fixed in the new update.
  • AOL Radio (9) – Fun to browser radio stations.
  • Aurora Feint (9) – Pretty awesome graphics and everything, may get bored with it soon though.
  • Youversion.com Bible (10) – also called Lifechurch.tv
  • Blip Solitaire (5) – Kinda boring.
  • BoxOffice (8 ) – Movies plus reviews from RottenTomatoes.com.  Probably cooler if you care what other people think about movies.
  • Break (7) – aka JirboBreak.
  • Evernote (?) – Looks cool, haven’t used it much.  The paid version has an awesome text recognition feature if it works as advertised.
  • Facebook (10) – Great, does a lot!
  • iPint (8 ) – Fun simulation of drinking a beer from your phone 🙂
  • iPoints (10) – Works just the way I would design it…. hmmm.
  • JawBreaker (8) – A fun diversion.
  • Labyrinth LE (10) – Perfect physics!
  • Loopt (7) – Location of your loopt friends.  Would like automatic updates of location when you log in, maybe higher res photos, and some sort of way to publicly announce your location and search if you wanted to.  You might find a new friend when you’re bored at Starbucks 🙂
  • Midomi (8) – Recognizes music from the radio, or that you sing to it! Even my singing!  Originally liked it better than Shazam, but after testing a little, Shazam works better on recorded music.
  • Moo (5) – Supposed to be like the little toy can you tilt and it moos, but I think they should have used an image that looked like the can, and the same sound effect.
  • More Cowbell (7) – Funny, but I wish it would play the background music 🙂
  • Movies.app (9) – Pretty nice, I wish you could go more than two days out if the information is available.
  • MySpace (3) – Works ok I guess, I’m not a myspace type really.
  • Pandora (10) – Awesome music!
  • PegJump (9) – Now I can perpetuate the rumors that I am a genius 🙂
  • PageOnce (7) – Let’s you view lots of different type accounts (AT&T, Netflix, some banks, etc.)  Can’t DO anything, just see current information, but kind of neat.  Have to set up account in web browser.
  • PhoneSaber (10) – And still improving!
  • PointsCalc (3) – For Weight Watchers points, ours is much better though.
  • Remote (9) – Awesome.  The only “problem” I have is I remotely connect to my Mac iTunes from my PC iTunes in the living room.  If I then use the Remote on the PC, I can not see the shared library. However if I start it playing on the PC itself, I can do play/pause, forward/reverse, just not browse the songs, etc.
  • Shazam (9 ) – Like Midomi, only does not do as much.  Originally liked Midomi better, but after testing a little, Shazam works better on recorded music.
  • Tap Tap Revenge (6) – Pretty game.
  • Truveo (4) – Videos, kinda neat.
  • VoiceNotes (4) – Recorder, needs features like searching through a recording.
  • vSnax (6) – Videos, kind of neat interface when you are watching a channel to browse other things at the same time.
  • WordPress (8 ) – Pretty nice.  Crashed a little much in my short trial, and can not do everything (like create a new page like this one).
  • Yelp (?) – Reviews of stuff, haven’t really used.
  • YouNote (7) – You can do text, voice, and drawings!  Only B&W drawings, and no way to e-mail them out of the app though.

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