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Albuquerque again!

September 23, 2008

I had another great trip to Albuquerque for my birthday, and to get my Stormtrooper armor put together!  We felt blessed to be able to receive it in time, and Noel and I were able to get it all assembled in only about 5 hours.  Of course we did not have to do the helmet since Noel let me have his old one.  I will be posting some more pictures soon including the T-shirts Noel, Celeste, and my mom made me for my birthday, but here are the ones of the armor.



Pretty dog

June 9, 2008

I went over to see my sister Janelle and her husband Maxx at his sister Natasha’s place. There was a cool dalmatian at one of the neighbors, so I took some pictures of it. I also took a couple of pictures at the Frisco Mall later, just because it’s fun to use my iPhone camera sometimes 🙂


Also, here’s some pictures of a Dr. Pepper that I let blow up in my freezer the other day. I’m usually pretty good about not doing that. If I put in a DP, I bury it in ice and leave it for only 10 or 15 minutes, and only if I want to drink it right away. I was on the road to Dallas this day and realized I had left one in the freezer, guess I did not want to drink it bad enough.


Bumble Bee’s and Breakfast

April 23, 2008

Last night was my last one in Albuquerque so we went and ate at Bumble Bee’s. It is a Mexicanish type place and was really good. Then this morning we went back to the Gold Street Caffe for breakfast before my flight. I also took pictures on the plane, because I was sitting there and thought “Hey, I never have taken a picture on a plane.”

A New Blog (I’m as excited as my first blog)

April 19, 2008

Welpy do… I was about to upload a bunch of my pics from the Albuquerque trip, and I wanted a more integrated way to do posting and pictures online. It kind of was starting to bug me to have flickr over there, and blogger over here, ya know? So I decided to set up a wordpress site, and so far it’s pretty sweet for doing lots o’ pictures! I might try to import all my old blogger posts onto here to have everything together too! (Done now :))

Oh – and now I’ve decided to actually use Flickr again for my pictures 🙂

Noel also has some pictures here.