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Halloween and Ella

November 3, 2008

We had an awesome Halloween night at the Leaumonts’ house in Shreveport.  Tons of kids came, good food, and fun with friends 🙂

Then tonight the Whaley’s came through town and I got to meet Ella!  What a cutie 🙂  You know my cousin Caryn used to call Janelle Ella, or maybe she still does??


The 4th

July 4, 2008

Rob wanted to see how Lily would do with fireworks, so we shot off a few on the 3rd. It was fun, also had some delicious ribs.


The morning of the 4th we hung out at the Mudhouse some, yummy! I also got my first taste of Pandora, it is really amazing! I recommend it for everyone! You can see it on Celeste’s Mac that I was borrowing in the corner 🙂