Why I “liked” SiCKO

I watched Michael Moore’s SiCKO tonight, and enjoyed it because it was thought provoking to me.  I actually got a little irritated a few times while watching it… but I don’t think external things (ie – movies) can “make you” feel certain ways, so that made me ask myself where those feelings were coming from.

I guess I would summarize the movie as being a propaganda work for socialism in general, not just socialized health care.  I think Michael is a pretty good propagandist, so it made me question what I think about socialism.  In the end I was not sold on the idea, but it did bring up a lot of things that are fun for me to think about.

There were a few things that stood out as not being very logical to me.  One of the big ones was how he showed the US government as being corrupt and “bought” by the medical companies, but then turned right around and proposed that the government providing all health care is the best solution.  Seemed strange to me.

I guess Michael is really what I would consider an “idealist”, and he is trying to change the country, and thinks socialism is the best system.  Part of me questions whether he is more of the “televangelist” breed, just wanting people to feel like he’s real concerned as a way to make money… but I guess I give him the benefit of the doubt.  In any case, I am not either of those things, and if I ever did embrace socialism as much as he does I think I would just move to a socialist country 🙂


2 Responses to “Why I “liked” SiCKO”

  1. Liz K Says:

    a) What makes you think that Michael Moore is “that much” of a socialist – rather than a social democrat? (Though I would agree with you that he definitely is an idealist – and hope (because you contradict yourself) that you don’t really think that he got concerned initially about people in his home state of Michigan who were losing their jobs by the tens of thousands, starting from the late seventies, because he somehow thought that such concern would make a good “selling point” or a career. (Very unlikely assumption, given the “mainstream” of American culture…)

    b) What would you define as “a socialist country”?? Do you mean somewhere like Cuba? (That’s often been described as “state capitalist”.) Do you mean like Sweden? Well, that might be much more of a social democracy, and for many years they’ve had a far greater level of equality there (and a better standard of living than many countries including most Americans.) But – IF they were truly a socialist country then they wouldn’t be so dependent on the usual structures of capitalism, and the current banking/world economic crisis would hardly touch them. Sorry but events have proved that is jsut not the case!

    (Though they’ve already had a banking crisis before – as pointed out on MM’s site – and came out of it a lot better than America will probably come out of its own mess, the current “solution” to which seems to consist of handing out tons of money to the greedy capitalists who caused the trouble in the first place – *without* having so much as shares in their institutions as guarantee! FUNNY how capitalism has different rules for the rich and big business than for the rest of us, isn’t it?? Take the Rich Off Welfare, I say!!

    Just thought I’d provoke your thoughts a bit more.

    From Liz K (a real socialist!) from UK!

  2. Jason Says:

    Hey Liz, I’ll try to answer your questions… though be warned you sound like you enjoy discussing politics much more than I do. 🙂

    a) I don’t really know what he should be categorized as most accurately… I just think of using tax dollars for general public programs as socialism, and that’s what he seems to be for.

    If he “got concerned” for his career, I would not consider that being truly concerned at all, but just acting so. Michael has had a pretty good career I think, so are you saying he does not seem bright enough to predict his approach would be succesful… or that noone could have predicted it would be successful? Or are you saying he is not successful? Maybe he was stupid enough to pick an ill conceived career path, and then got lucky. Or maybe he is a genius and picked what most would consider a bad career approach, but he knew more than most. Or maybe he’s just a really concerned idealist. 🙂 I don’t really try to figure out peoples’ motives for the most part, it is usually a futile effort.

    b) I wouldn’t attempt to define “socialist country” at all, that sounds boring and error prone. I agree all of the bail out craze in the US lately is not capitalist at all, and is not something I like either. I think real capitalism would have let them all fall hard on their butts and learn a lesson! 🙂

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