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Lots of pictures going on…

July 20, 2008

So now that I have my Mobile Me image gallery, it is just way easy to upload pics.  I’ve got a few sets on there that I have not posted on my blog.

We went to Taste of Dallas a week ago, and have some pictures from there. We saw Edwin McCain there, I thought he was really good, and in the picture below he kind of looks like Noel I think. 🙂

Other galleries so far include:

Open mic night at White Rock Coffee in Garland

What happens when you mix an iPhone and laughing gas!

You can always just look at my main Gallery page to see all my galleries, but I’ll try to post when there is anything interesting.


White Rock Coffee

July 12, 2008

I was in Dallas and wanted to find a local coffee shop. I found and think I have a winner! More pics later, I’ll edit
this post at home… Since the wordpress app isn’t out just yet 🙂

7/13/08 – I’m kind of waiting on my Mobile Me site to get going before I upload all the other pics.  Should be soon…

7/20/08 – Well I’ve been on the Mobile Me site for a few days now but been pretty busy.  Anyway, it is great, I love the image gallery on there.  So I have finally updated the image above with a link to the gallery!

The 4th

July 4, 2008

Rob wanted to see how Lily would do with fireworks, so we shot off a few on the 3rd. It was fun, also had some delicious ribs.


The morning of the 4th we hung out at the Mudhouse some, yummy! I also got my first taste of Pandora, it is really amazing! I recommend it for everyone! You can see it on Celeste’s Mac that I was borrowing in the corner 🙂