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iPhone Launch on Dallas News

July 13, 2007

NBC 5i covered the iPhone launch, and I was on the story for about 3 seconds. I kind of got myself on there because I was taking pictures of the crowd, and was going to get one with the camera man in the forefront. Well, he turned around, and we ended up photographing each other 🙂 Then he asked me a few questions, and one of my answers made the story. Here’s the picture of the camera man and then the news story.


An Apple, A Day

July 8, 2007

It’s been a little over a week since I got my Apple iPhone, which took the majority of my Friday (it was fun though). I finally got around to doing a little video demo. Well, it’s kind of long actually, I had to split it to fit on YouTube. I wanted to post it unedited to give an “honest” feel of how easy it is to use. Of course keep in mind I was under the pressure of being on camera! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it. Oh… the previous post goes along with this one, you’ll see if you watch.

This is a post in a post

July 7, 2007

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This is a post in a post, originally uploaded by Jason M Green.

I am doing a demo of my new iPhone. The typing on it works really well, it is so smart that it can figure out most of your spelling mistakes and correct them even if several of the letters you type are incorrect.

Jason (on iPhone)

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