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January 20, 2007

Here I am watching the Apple keynote speech the other night online.

Steve Jobs was explaining how with the new Apple TV you can watch content from your PC right on your widescreen TV. Ummm….. 🙂 All seriousness aside, Apple TV does have some pretty cool features, like built in Wi-Fi. Really, I just had to poke a little fun. If you want to see more you can go to the Apple TV site.

The majority of the keynote speech was about the new iPhone, to be released in June. I was amazed by it… I don’t know what else to say. I could describe all the cool things it does, but you really need to go see yourself by either watching the keynote or clicking on the various feature sections on the iPhone page. I got even more excited when I read the review at PC Magazine. The reviewer actually got to use one for like 10 minutes, and said it’s even more impressive than the keynote, and described the touchscreen as taking your breath away. Steve Jobs had a quote from Allan Kay during the keynote that I thought was good, especially after seeing the iPhone… the quote was “People who are serious about software should build their own hardware.”

In the end, the presentation left me with two main thoughts:
1) I really want an iPhone.
2) I would really enjoy working for Apple.


Stockholm syndrome

January 16, 2007

WARNING: Partial spoilers for season 3 of Lost below! (not much really)

I was watching Hannity and Colmes tonight on Fox News channel, not a normal event for me by any means, but I really enjoyed it. They were discussing the Missouri kidnapping of two boys that were found, and one of the psychologists that was a guest brought up the Stockholm syndrome. This is where an abducted person shows loyalty to their abducter, or begins to think of them as the good guy. They basically decide to join “their side” because it’s the only option they feel they have. The first thing it reminded me of was how Noel used to say he wanted to join the monsters in his room at night. It seems like he wanted Dracula to bite him, so he could be a vampire too (correct me if I’m wrong).

It also kind of reminds me of Lost. I think this is what the “others” are trying to accomplish with the survivors. They cage them up and use physical violence against them, but at the same time try to convince them to just do as they’re told and everything will be hunky dory.

I think some people experience this with God. Sometimes when I hear people talk about how great and wonderful etc. God is, it seems like they are not talking about something great and wonderful, but instead something they are terrified of. I guess I perceive that partly because I have had those feelings before, and can be inclined to still if I don’t pay attention. To me, it is silly to be that way with God though, because you can’t fool Him about what is in your heart. So I try to avoid that mentality, escpecially spiritually. I guess the point of the psychological effect though is that it can become engrained in your psyche so that it is not something you are faking, but something you have really come to accept. Oh… so people might be worshipping a God they originally perceived as terrifying, but eventually they came to accept Him as good. 🙂 It’s an interesting effect to me, I’ll probably lay awake tonight thinking about it… but at least I won’t be worried about monsters.